PROJECT BETTER is a venture that was in the making for many years, by way of the universe.  I can remember as young as the age of 12, being approached for advice. Mostly by my peers, but in some cases individuals that were unfamiliar to me. As I grew older and wiser, I became more aware of these occurrences. This, coupled with my helpful nature made it clear to me that helping people is calling. Hence the creation of Project Better.


Along with my natural analytical abilities. I've looked to improve, by taking several courses to expand my skill set for this service. I have certifications in life coaching, Reiki energy therapy, and aromatherapy. I have also studied relaxation techniques and have a strong interest in anthropology and astrology.

With these systems and ideologies, I have designed a process, with the intent of creating efficient and effective solutions to help those that need assistance with improving their living experience. So whether the issue is with the mind, body or spirit. We will look to answer the question.....